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Valentines Day in Kenya - Lions Have Love Lives Too

Florence Midwood & Araminta Sheridan — 14th February 2020

Valentines Day in Kenya - Lions Have Love Lives Too
The Culsans Tribe has recently returned from visiting our one true love, Africa. Our recent adventure and today’s Valentines Day vibes has inspired me to share some of the wildest love stories you will ever come across. Let’s figure out which animal we identify with most this year...

Lusty Lion Love

Lion love is a tough affair. The momentarily loyal lion male will pretty much stop eating and hunting completely whilst he guards and mates with his current girlfriend. They will copulate every 20 minutes until she is out of oestrous - which will last around 3 days. It is normal for the male to lose a lot of weight during this time. 

The OG Ostrich 

The male ostrich will do a dance whilst approaching his target. You laugh, but we have all been there! If this masterful mating ritual comes through for him, the next step is a family - and Ostriches go on to become really compatible co-parents. The male is black so that he can protect the nest invisibly at night while the female is brown so she sits on the nest during the day as is also very well camouflaged. There is a lot that humans can learn from these guys!

Emotional Elephant Orphans

Elephant orphans have such a strong bond with their keepers that they recognise them for life. When going through life-changing moments, such as having babies, they will often bring their new family back to visit them. Incredible knowledge and behaviour. The power of love, loyalty and happiness.

Witty Weaver Birds

A male Weaver Bird is rather more practical than his dancing cousins. He will make a nest to home his (hopefully) future female and family. If the female doesn’t like it she will destroy it. We can all think of a few times where this instinctual sass would have saved us some trouble.

Faithful Friends in the Dic Dic

Dic dic's may be the smallest antelope in the world but they have huge hearts! There gorgeous little nimble creatures mate for life so you usually only ever see them in pairs. Should their partner die or be eaten they become so stressed they too will die if not snacked on by a predator first!

How Birds Pick-up Their Birds

I have told you that a male ostrich will dance his way into his lover’s heart, he is not the only one! Hornbills, think Zazu from The Lion King, will bob up and down together. The Kori Bustard male puffs himself up and struts around looking ridiculous, honestly, you thought peacocks were bad! 

I’m officially intrigued, which animal do you identify with the most? Head to our Instagram stories to let us know! You have 24 hours.

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