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From the Founder

It’s the excitement of the unknown, seeing where it can take you and what it can teach you

— Florence Midwood, Founder & Managing Director

It all started with a 3-week trip to Brazil. I was staying on a floating eco-lodge in the middle of the Amazon river thinking I was on a normal holiday. Little did I know, all the communities along this stretch of the Amazon were supported by the lodge, giving them vital income. The presence of the lodge and its guests helped protect against poaching which rapidly improved the lifestyles and health of the local people.

I was in heaven. The surroundings were beautiful and the climate was perfect. At the same time as enjoying this new-found paradise, I was learning about the sustainability and conservation efforts of my surroundings. It was a fascinating and exciting addition to my usual holiday experience.

On my return to London, I quit my job in the events industry and sought out something more fulfilling and purposeful.

Sustainable tourism is what I discovered.

I explored more locations and countries, and fell in love with Kenya. After experiencing commercial safari in Zambia, and the authentic African bush life in Kenya, I discovered my purpose: to offer authentic educational experiences in conservation for the younger generation.

On my return to the UK, I had a plan: I wanted to enable young people to travel with their eyes wide open, and to give them the opportunity to make their own impact on the world through sustainable initiatives, while having an incredible, life-changing time.

That plan led to the creation of Culsans Gap Travel - specialising in courses that make positive and long-lasting impacts on participants, local communities, community enterprises, and the environment.

I can’t wait to welcome you to Kenya, and share with you the incredible impact of purposeful travel.

© Brittany Mumma / Dirk Collins

Our Mission

To create the global conservation ambassadors of tomorrow.

  • We want the next generation to be engaged with their environment and have the skills and knowledge to care for it successfully.
  • We aim to empower our guests and our hosts to make positive impacts on their environments.
  • We live and breathe sustainable, purposeful travel.

Our Travellers' Responsibility

To be purposeful and caring in everything we do.

Economic Responsibility

  • The Il Ngwesi Scholarship Fund, set up by Culsans, helps to support local children through university and improve community skill development
  • Trainee guides join our lectures to enhance their knowledge and skills, building confidence to become full time guides
  • We support local women’s enterprises, through the Culsans bracelet and promoting their incredible beadwork
  • Our school volunteering programmes are designed alongside existing curriculums and do not take away from local jobs
  • Wherever possible, we are committed to offering jobs to local people from the communities who host us

Environmental Responsibility

  • We focus on the protection and conservation of wildlife, learning to love and respect diverse environments and their inhabitants
  • We invest our time in National Parks, raising awareness of the efforts required to maintain and look after them properly
  • We operate a flat ban policy on single use plastics and strongly encourage recycling
  • We work hard to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible

Social Responsibility

  • We live by the 4 C’s at all times: Community, Culture, Commerce, and Conservation
  • We have a long-term focus on effective support and local development
  • We work shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities
  • We have a strict travellers’ code of conduct which unites our participants in purposeful travel and positive impact

© Florence Midwood

Il Ngwesi Scholarship Fund

Empowering communities through individual needs.

Support & Progress So Far...


For every student we take out on our trips, $500 is automatically donated* to the Il Ngwesi Scholarship Fund - a fund Culsans has set up specifically in line with the community needs.

The Il Ngwesi Scholarship Fund's overall aim is to develop education and skill sets within the younger generation of the Il Ngwesi community, mainly supporting children through university. We want to help improve the development of Il Ngwesi over a prolonged period of time with the people set to inherit it.

*This donation is included in the overall Culsans price.


In March 2021 we made our first donation of $3500 from previous OC’s which resulted in 86 school bursaries for Il Ngwesi Community members. This donation came at a key time when many households, after a year of no tourism, had been struggling desperately for income. We are immensely proud to be able to help support Il Ngwesi, it's what makes our trips even more worth the while! Real purposeful travel.

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