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Witness modern conservation models in practise


January 2023 Trip
Develop individual skill sets

Engage with world changing initiatives

Get behind the scenes with 3 pioneering conservancies
Enhance local community life

Make your Gap Year count

Volunteer in schools & support local business
Reach new heights

Reach new heights

Climb Mt Kenya, camp above the clouds & marvel at the universe
Indulge in local authentic travel

Experience authentic culture

Immerse yourself in the local community & visit colourful towns
Laugh, jump and dance with the Maasai

Laugh, jump, sing and dance

Enjoy sundowners, social events, Maasai ceremonies and celebrations
Engage with wildlife

Get face to face

Meet the biggest characters in the bush and learn from wildlife experts
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What we do

What we do



Our Logo Explained

This is our unique fingerprint - it symbolises our personal touch and embraces individuality.

God of Doorways

Our name Culsans is derived from the Etruscan ‘God of Doorways’ - who looks to both the past and the future at the same time.


These steps symbolise our focus on personal development and positive progression for both participants and local communities.


These are our pillars of strength. They combine our unrivalled knowledge of conservation with an all-rounded quality experience.


This sun helps to remind us to look after our planet while also signifying the start of a new beginning and fun times.

Get Involved

Join us! Experience a new world - gain a new education and skills that will last a lifetime.

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